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When attorneys make decisions on a client’s behalf that include a provision for home health care services, there are many factors to consider. Choosing the right provider for home health care services will ensure that your client’s individual needs are addressed safely and economically, especially when a chronic illness or disability becomes a major concern.

At Star Multi Care Services and its subsidiaries, Extended Family Care and Central Star Home Health Care Services, our focus has been on providing the very best in home health care for more than 75 years. Our professional and support staff are available to advise your clients and their families regarding available options for care in the home.
Overall, it can be difficult to manage your loved one’s affairs both while they are alive and after they have passed away. However, with the proper planning and guidance, managing affairs can be done quickly, efficiently and without the hassles and issues that you encounter when the job is not done properly.

Estate and Probate Administration Attorney

Locating estate and healthcare docs has long been an issue with families helping loved ones and with individuals involved in the courts. To resolve the on-going problem, has created a central database. Individuals or attorneys  can:

   - Register the storage location of a Will or other important  documents  
   - Register the name of the attorney who may have the documents
   - Register a copy of the document(s) that they are accessible  from anywhere in the world by persons you designate
   - Search for someone Will, estate or healthcare documents

If a family member has died and you want locate a copy of a Will or estate documents, you can do a database search. If you are a health care provider or relative and need a copy of someone’s health care proxy appointing their agent to make health care decisions, you can do a search of Will Registry’s central database and retrieve the document no matter where you are located.

Will Registry’s  fees are inexpensive and the results are priceless. Visit  to find out more.

Legal services can include discussing plans for your loved one and their estate, probating the Will , trust issues, and administer every aspect of the Estate and Trust, , including securing real estate, selling real estate, marshaling all the estate assets, conducting searches for the assets, distribution, accounting, will contest , other related litigation and closure thereof.

There are providers who offer free consultations as well as payment options – be sure to do your homework, because sometimes, an Estate can pay for the legal fees and where qualified, you do not have to loan the estate any funds and wait to be paid.

To Register or Search your loved ones Legal Documents, please visit the Global Will Registry