How to Effectively Manage Your Diabetes

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Diabetes can causes numerous health issues if the condition is not properly cared for. It is important for diabetics to take medication daily and maintain a proper diet, so they remain healthy for as long as possible! There are three types of diabetes. Type I diabetes occurs when the pancreas in a person’s body no […]

Companionship for the Elderly


With age, certain circumstances may prevent one’s ability to drive a car, visit with friends, or travel. These circumstances may limit one’s ability to stay in touch with their loved ones, or friends. For many senior citizens, companionship care will help fill this void. Companionship care is especially beneficial for elderly people who either live […]

Cancer Control Month: What You Need to Know

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April is Cancer Control Month, a month devoted to the prevention and control of cancer. Each year, people of all ages are diagnosed with cancer. However, nearly all types of cancer are diagnosed in middle-aged and elderly patients. Skin cancer is the most common type of cancer, diagnosed in millions of adult men and women […]

Caffeine Awareness: How Is Coffee Affecting You?

With Daylight Saving Time heralding in spring’s time change, it’s no surprise that March is National Caffeine Awareness Month. Most people enjoy a cup of coffee to help them get going in the morning, but it’s important to consider the effects that caffeine can have on your body. Caffeine affects everyone differently. One cup of […]

Special Health Concerns for Those with Diabetes

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American Diabetes Day is on March 25, and to help spread awareness of this condition – and the importance of having it properly monitored – we’re sharing various health precautions that those with diabetes should take. Along with monitoring blood sugar and following a special diet as advised by your doctor, diabetes calls for special […]

Patient Safety Awareness: Preventing Falls

Falls are the cause of serious injuries for many adults and seniors. In honor of Patient Safety Awareness Week, Star Multi Care Services is highlighting the importance of fall prevention, as well as drawing attention to what you can do to improve safety conditions within your home. Did you know that one in three adults […]

Eating Healthy to Preserve Your Memory

In honor of Brain Awareness Week, which will last from March 10th to the 16th, we’re bringing awareness to ways in which you can help boost your brain’s health. Read on to find out ways in which a diet rich in nutrients can impact – and even prevent – memory loss. Firstly, it’s best to […]

Holiday Gift Guide

Holiday Gifts

Happy Holidays from Your Local Home Healthcare Company! In case you are still scrambling to find the perfect gifts to give your loved ones, here are some great gift suggestions for some of the hard-to-buy-for people on your list: Cozy blanket. Treat your loved one to the gift of warmth with a cozy blanket. Whether […]

Eye Exams May Aid in Alzheimer’s Diagnosis

Eye Exams and Alzheimer's

In research designed to improve early detection techniques for individuals with Alzheimer’s disease, scientists in Australia have discovered that certain eye tests may provide a less invasive, though effective, tool. The study, conducted by AIBL (Australian Imaging, Biomarkers and Lifestyle), looked for abnormalities in retinal blood vessels to determine whether there was a correlation with […]

Home Health Care in Demand


According to a study conducted at the Ohio State University, there are more than 33,000 home health care providers in the United States, offering assistance to approximately 12 million people. Nearly 70% of the home health care patients are over the age of 65, and a large percentage (about 64%) are women. Home health care […]

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