Nursing Homes

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Nursing Homes: Transition your loved ones to Home Health Care Services

As an industry leader in Home Health Care, Star Multi Care Services has had extensive experience in servicing patients coming from nursing homes. We provide a variety of support services to nursing home discharge planners, aiding them in the smooth transition of their patients from nursing home care to quality home health care provided by Star Multi Care and subsidiaries; Extended Family Care and Central Star Home Health Care.

We understand that the success of patient transition from nursing home care to home health care rests on attention to detail. From the meticulous management of paperwork and patient records, to the gentle and caring aid given to the patient and their families, Star Multi Care Services ensures that a safe, well-managed health care environment awaits the patient at home.

Our professional caregivers are dedicated to providing the very best in personalized health care. When debilitating issues arise or the patient and their family are uncertain about what to expect from the transition to home health care, our supportive staff of health care professionals are there to make the process as smooth and worry free as possible.

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